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Wenjun Ge
Econ 106E
Idea Writeup
Bear Planner Bear Planner is a campus service application that provides students an auto curriculum schedule, a time management tool and a social networking platform to help them to work smarter and communicate more efficiently. It will automatically generate a class schedule for students by simply choosing which college they attend and which course they take. Comparing with traditional Todo list or calendar, it reduces lots of users’ inputting time. Furthermore, Bear Planner will provide students an innovative way of time management, including job scheduling, task tracking and performance analysis, which help students to manage their parallelized tasks(homework, project, essay and exam). It provides tracking service for tasks, illustrates status of ongoing tasks, monitors current unsolved problems, and compares their current status against all other students.
The main purpose of this feature is to let students see their current status (Healthy, warning, or dangerous) directly from a dashboard, to prevent them from failures due to the time managing mistakes (or various lazy­delay issues), and to help them to make right decisions before things get mess up. In addition, Bear Planner will also provides a social networking platform within the same class so that students can express their opinions, discuss problems, and find project partners. It will connect them with each other and help them to collaborate easily.