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First off, the presentation was nice and simple. I liked the simplicity of the presentation; no fancy backgrounds. I particularly appreciated the slide with the outline of topics you will be discussing throughout the presentation. It gives us readers a good idea of the content instead of just jumping into the presentation.

The tone of the presentation was very light and therefore easy to read and understand. Providing the video clips helped me to try and envision the point you were trying to convey (e.g. incentives altering choices) The graphs also brought me to the realization that for each model such as “Money matters, happy and you know it, etc..” There is a more analytical way of looking at the review question you were tasked to answer.

I was able to understand that there are definitely trade-offs between working in Minnesota and in California. The workers have to decide whether they are willing to prioritize income or leisure. Putting myself into the mindset of picking between working in Minnesota and California wherein I get more income in Minnesota but sunny beaches and an abundance of activities in California, the decision on my part would be difficult because there are a number of things to consider on my part both personally and professionally. But I would pick the city that gives me the highest job satisfaction for the amount of income I will be receiving. In economic jargon, “getting your best bang for the buck”.

One must understand that there will