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Honors Economics 1 Syllabus
Course Description: In Economics semester one, you will study how decisions are made in the four areas of production. The lessons have been designed to explain relevant Economic concepts, while providing life applications and examples of the concepts. Topics include the law of supply and demand, the Federal
Reserve System, sources of money and how the government plays a unique role in an open market economy. Communication: Good communication is important to your success in this course. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail your online teacher through the Stars Suite™ site. Your online teacher will respond to all e-mails within 24 hours on weekdays and once during the weekend. When sending an email, please place your name and topic of your email in the subject line of the email.
Lessons and Submissions: You will be required to read the lessons thoroughly and then complete the corresponding submissions. The lessons, submissions, and exams must be done in order.
(Ex: Lesson 1, Submission 1, Lesson 2, Submission 2, Lesson 3, and so on…) Any hand-written notes that are taken from lessons and submissions can be used on both your midterm and final exams.
Note-taking: The lessons explain all of the information that you need to know for the submissions that follow, but it is very important that students take hand-written notes on all of the key information from the lessons. Important vocabulary is shown in blue bold type, and the definitions to these key words should be written down in a notebook. Taking notes will help students remember the key ideas, but more importantly, any hand-written notes that are taken from lessons and submissions can be used on both your midterm and final exams.
Exams Each course has a midterm and final exam. When you are up to an exam on your list of assignments, inform your Site Facilitator and set up a date and time that it will be taken. You will have
1hr. and 30 minutes to complete the midterm exam and 2 hrs. to complete the final exam. Neither your
Site Facilitator nor Test Proctor can help with the exam—they are only there to monitor the exam. As soon as you take your final exam, no other assignments can be turned in for credit. This means that ALL
Other important points regarding your exams:
1. The combined average of your midterm and final exams must be at least 60% to pass.
2. You may retake your midterm exam once to improve your grade, but there is no retake of the final exam.
Labs: Your class may also include labs. If you are taking a course that has labs listed along with the lessons, submissions, and exams, then these labs are a part of your final grade and must be completed.
Follow the directions shown in the lab and submit the required work through email to the instructor.

Pace: You are required to complete a minimum of 1-2 lessons/submissions per week in each of your courses. If you fall behind in your work, or stop working altogether without reason, you are at risk of not being able to complete your class.