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The RV industry has been around for a very long time. Americans, it seems, have been destined to be RVers since the earliest days that explorers set foot on this continent. Adventurers at heart, settlers came in search of freedom and opportunities to grow and discover. And discover they did, first by ship, then by horse, in groups by Conestoga wagon trains and ultimately, by motorized vehicles that ushered in the RVs of today ( A century ago, the popularization of the automobile, improving roads and America’s passion for exploration gave rise to mass-produced, manufactured recreation vehicles and the RV industry was born ( In 1910, there were few gas stations, few paved roads and no highway system but there were RVs. 1910 is the year that America’s leading RV historians, David Woodworth, Al Hesselbart (archivist for the RV/MH Heritage Museum in Elkhart, Indiana) and Roger White, cite as the beginning of what has become the modern RV industry ( The first motorized campers were built in 1910. Before then, people camped in private rail cars that were pulled to sidings along train routes. The year 1910 brought a new freedom to people who did not want to be limited by the rail system. RVs allowed them to go where they wanted, when they wanted ( The first trailer produced in Indiana was in 1935 by Wilbur Shultz. He began making one a day and selling them for $198.00. I do not think Shultz had any idea that this industry would become a multi-billion dollar business. Shultz was born and raised in Elkhart, Indiana. His journey began when he took a trip to the Chicago World’s fair and fell in love with the new-fangled trailers. That is where he decides to become a retail sales person for the trailer industry. In that area, you had to buy the trailer first and then sell it for your price. Shultz attempted to borrow money from his parents, due to them owning their own clothing store. Eventually, he was able to get that loan money in the amount of $300.00. He bought his first trailer for $275.00. He was on his way to becoming one of top sales people for Milo Miller’s Sportsman brand trailers. In Shultz’s first year of business, he sold 138 units. In March of 1935, Milo Miller sold his manufacturers concern to his national distributor Wilbur Shultz. Once he obtained this business, Shultz discontinued the retail agreement with Covered Wagon. By 1937 Shultz had two plants and 250,000 combined square feet of manufacturing space. By this time, Shultz was bringing in so much money he had to his father as the corporate secretary treasurer. In the 1950’s, Shultz Trailer Company evolved into the Shultz Mobile Home Company. Schultz turned his attention completely to the manufactured housing side. Shultz was the first RV manufacturer to demonstrate that you could build a company into industry prominence by acquisition of competing companies as well as direct growth. In 1957, Shultz sold his interest in his company but continues to serve the industry through association work and other ventures. Schultz Homes is the oldest company in the housing industry. Wilbur Schultz put Elkhart County on the map to be well known as the recreational vehicle capital of the world. For every two RV’s on the Road, one was built in Elkhart County. Nearly one thousand manufactures of RV’s, RV supplier and parts are located in Elkhart County. There were not always many selections in choice of recreational vehicles. Today, however, there is an RV for everyone. Whatever your interests, wherever you want to explore, whomever you want to take along, an RV may be the best way to travel. RV traveling is more comfortable than cars, it has plenty of leg room and allows storage of multiple items including large amounts of luggage. If you are a pet lover, there is no need to find a kennel, leave your pet home or find a sitter. There is plenty of space inside most motor