Economic 1931 to Present Essay

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The history of economics has shaped the economy of the world today. Some of the economic problems throughout our history from 1931 up to the present. There was the dust bowl, Great Depression and the stalk market crash in 2007. These are a few of the many ecanomic things America faced.
The Great Depression was a decade of relentless struggle. Many people lost their jobs slowing down the economy and raising the unemployment rate higher and higher. The Great Depression brought more struggles than just the unemployment or people not buying and spending money. It brought the dust bowl. The dust bowl was mostly in the southern plains.
The southern plains were once like today green but with the migration west. people who had never farmed before started. Constant plowing changed the great crop lands into dust. Which soon became a violent sand trap. There were always sand storm blowing. If you we're caught in one you would not servive. The dust bowl hurt our economy because it didn't provide the food for the trade market or to help feed our own people.
The stock market crash in 2007 was another economic crisis. The unemployment rate skyroketed to a percent that hadn't been seen since the Great Depression. With unemployment creates issues in the housing market, clothing stores and loans. All of these have a major impact. With people unable to pay bank loans the banks started loosing money and the government waisted money to bring out small companies instead of focausing on the