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In the UAE there are various sources of media available for businesses to develop their marketing strategy. These are television, radio, internet, outdoor, and print media.
Even though there are a good number of options, the UAE has certain censorship and press control laws that must be followed by everyone. An example of this would be sex appealing images or videos in the internet or television and political sensitive material through the print media. Cost of different media sources:

The cost in average of a radio spot for 30 seconds could go from $54.45 to $136. A weekly sponsorship costs around $544.51 to $3,267.08.

The average cost of a television spot for 30 seconds is $3,300. Printed Media:
Printed ads costs from 2,800 (for an inside page) to 47,300 (for the front page) for commercial papers and for governmental 3,350 (for an inside page) to 46,200 (for the front page). Outdoor:
Formerly space cost $27.23 per square meter, so a standard 20-meter by eight meter would cost $4,356.11.

Costs vary greatly because it is based on the cost per click pricing model. Agency Assistance:

There are a variety of ways in which media agencies help businesses, these include: