Economic Analysis On The Current State Of The Economy

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FIN 32020 Online: Fall, 2014
Part of your research paper will consist of a section on the economy. The purpose of an economic analysis is to predict the upcoming economic environment so when you analyze your company and its future prospects, you’ll have an idea (a guess) as to what kind of economic environment it will be operating in.
This assignment will, in essence, be a rough draft of that section of your paper. There are two parts to this project: a paper turned into me, and a post in the forums about your projections. These are itemized below.
ASSIGNMENT: Due Thursday of Week 2 at 11:00PM, CST; submitted through Turnitin. (Estimated length: 2 pages)
Write an economic analysis that includes:
1. A very brief discussion of the economic conditions of the recent past: be sure to cite at least one lagging indicator.
2. A brief discussion of the current state of the economy. You should cite at least two coincident indicators. 3. A more thorough prediction of the future state of the economy. Your objective is to make a definitive prediction about the economy for the next 1, 3, and 5 years. This section should include: a. A discussion of at least three future indicators.
b. The business cycle, and our current position on that cycle.
c. Citations by at least one economist to validate your predictions.
FORUM Assignment: To be posted on the forum no later than 11:00PM, CST, on the Sunday ending
Week 2.
You can post your conclusions in section 3 (above) to share