Economic environment Essay

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International Business Economic changes

How has the economic environment changed over the last year, is a question full of fruitful opportunity for one to present their independent view full of statistical statements and supporting facts. The economic environment is always changing and adapting to new things. May it be duly based on convenience or innovation, the economic environment has evolved from whence it came. One of the ways the economic environment has changed is it has become more dynamic fundamentally. The economic environment relies on technology as well as it relies on goods and services. Being that technology is of a good and service it is the appropriate example for the topic of discussion.

Technology is an abundance of reliability and opportunity. Technology has given us (the supplier and consumer) the convenience of making things easier to exchange. For instance, before modern technology information from stock companies and import export handlers were kept by record 100% on paper. Meanwhile modern day advances have made it possible where transactions are now used 90% by some kind of technology oriented matter, leaving only 10% by paper. Today, to acquire an import to buy is as easy as clicking a button on your computer or mobile device and simply inputting information for verification. The media is another tool and proof of technological changes in the economic environment. A buyer or seller can simply keep up to date with the