Essay on Economic Growth and Gender Equality

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Demography is the study of the quantitative and qualitative characteristic of human population. Quantitative aspect such as composition, growth, size, movement, and structure of the population and qualitative aspects are the sociological components like education quality, crime, social class, wealth, and race. As of now, Canadian society is changing quickly, especially in big cities like Toronto, as we add hundreds of thousands of new immigrants each year. Furthermore, in reality the demographic change has pros and cons to the public health, local market or businesses, and education. Second, the changes in demography of Canada have a positive and negative effect on aging population. Therefore, based on an article, it is affecting the local markets, as a result, business owners has to note that different people with in the same age range doesn’t make the same decisions. Some people with high income would prefer branded products (Blotnicky, Karen). In that case, the positive effect is that they will have an expectation of what people want and what they don’t want so that small business would still go on business. Also, immigration is helping the local markets to continue on their trades because there are more people that would buy their products. Especially now that “the population of those over the age of 65 is growing 14.1 per cent since the last official count” (Press, The Canadian), local markets would have a high risk on choosing and making the product that would fit on people wants. There is also a possibility that the competitions in business world would increase because more people can start a business for their living. In addition, not only the businesses increases there competition but also to those people that needs a job, because there are more people from other country that is more experience and more capable on the job. On top of that, increasing the total of aging population would mean that ages of 55-60 would mean that people will retire soon enough that the labour force would decrease meaning less people would work. In either case, a change in demography has a positive and negative effect on aging population. In conclusion, changes in demography of