Economic Investment Essays

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Financial planning is simply the process of identifying your wealth and protection goals and developing a coordinated plan to help prioritize your future financial planning decision. Financial planning should be taken as seriously as a medical prescription, as it deals with your financial health. There are three major investment strategy that you can choose to help prioritize your future financial decision. The three major investment strategies are conservative, moderate and aggressive. The best investment strategy is conservative investment because conservative investments are those which offer you the opportunity to invest a relatively small amount of money, and still make a profit. Conservative investment is relatively safe investment, simply because the only thing an investor needs to worry about is a complete economical collapse. Since there is very little risk of this, these investment is a very safe place for your money if you are looking for a long term investment, which will allow you to build up your cash value without the fear of loosing money. Also conservative investment is a great way to make certain that you have enough money to set aside for your retirement. Because conservative investment is a long term investment, it is the equivalent of having a savings account that you can't touch until the time you comes for you to retire. The benefit of this is whatever money you put into the accounts, you will get a higher return than an average savings account as time goes by. If you don't want the risk of placing your money into the stock market or you want to prepare for your retirement years, conservative investment is definitely the way to go. The other two major investment strategies are moderate and aggressive investments. These two investments seem to…