Economic Opportunities In The Economy

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Economic Opportunities Paper

Economic Opportunities Paper
During the 1870s the economy in the United States was growing and that is because of the expansion of the railroads from Pennsylvania, which were one of the first to adopt the new corporate form of organization. This paper is to describe how economic opportunities that can attract newcomers to help in the development of the nation through industrialization, urbanization, and immigration.
Having the railroad set in place from San Francisco, California to most cities on the east coast shows an opportunity for immigrant workers to be able to work anywhere in the United States. Asian countries would have access through the west coast to get to the east coast and European countries would come through the east coast to get to the west coast. Offering them different job opportunities to produce steel and mine coals to help in the increase in the economy. Also with the increase of population and the establishment of the railroad there came a need for new businesses to supply workers. These businesses could have been anything like restaurants, stores, clothing suppliers, and tailors. Although their wages are lower than American standards, it was still higher compared the average income of other nations. Another opportunity that was attractive to immigrants is the social restrictions, such as birth or hereditary social economic status. The American society’s trademark and strength has always been its social