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One of the strongest and most persistent factors affecting an individual's economic opportunity is access to higher education. It follows, then, that equitable access to higher education is a crucial part of providing economic opportunity to all. But how well are we doing, and what more could we in the state of Michigan do to increase equitable access to higher ed?
Read the following articles and respond, giving special thought to policies and programs that address the overlapping concerns of higher education access and economic opportunity. In particular, do you see any opportunities here for proposal ideas that could help address these lingering issues?
*NY Times article blocked powerpoint on separate browser economic opportunity town hall meeting bobby dishell
-we get more funding from government per OOS student than mich state gets for in-state
-we provide full need for students in need
-63% of students come from households >$100,000 income
-student housing requires a job that pays $17/hr

Affordable housing is a huge issue- what can that university do to subsidize housing for students

-university is biggest land owner in AA, they’re non profit so they don’t pay taxes on this landlots of missed tax $$ on this land

should leadership positions on campus be paid?

Students who have to work a full-time job, in addition to being a student, often don't have time to take on a leadership role in student organizations. Our president, Boby Dishell, brought up this