Economic: Rooms and Building Essay

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Jian Mei Lin
February 16, 2012
Art History
There are several dormitories on campus and each of the buildings has its own unique features and elements that are expressed in them. I have taken this picture because I have been living in 1837 dormitory for three semesters now and have been really intrigued by the features and the location of the building. The dormitory is located on Lower Lake and it is a four story building. Viewing the gorgeous lake from each individual room is a way for students to relax when they are tried from studying. It is not only the lake that can be seen but also half of the campus can be seen from each window. Unlike other dormitories that are located near most of the academic buildings, 1837 dormitory is located away from the academic buildings.
The features of the design of the building that appear the most important and outstanding are the huge windows in every single room which brings natural light into every room. However, the light in the rooms are so dim at night that lamps are needed in order to illuminate the rooms. The dormitory of 1837 is located in between Prospect and Mandelle dormitories. The three entrances into the building are convenient for students to go from one part of the building to another part of the building. A balcony is located on the first floor that allows students to take a break from studying. Each room is big enough to contain beds, tables, shelves and closet. Each floor contains a restroom and a kitchen which are shared by the students. Students, who get tired from staying in their rooms, can go to the common room to watch TV with their friends. The common room is a huge open public space that it is shared by students and is located on the first floor. The dining room contains a kitchen space which students can use freely when they want to cook or bake. The exterior of the building used are brick and concrete which are…