Economic Status Essay

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I've worked as a housecleaner to supplement my income for over a decade in Santa Monica.
Over the years I've experienced everything from a celebrity trying to pay me with a bounced check to a woman giving me a microwave she said she no longer needed only to call me a week later and ask for me to bring it back to her. (Which I did, even though it took me an hour to get to her by bus.) When I arrive, I do so with a smile and cleaning supplies, expecting to put in a hard day's work. What I get is often hours of psychological games where clients will do everything they can just to try to save themselves $10 or $20. Sorry, but buying me a cup of coffee does not mean you get an extra two hours of work for free. If I could, I would not work as a housecleaner. But I need to, and I wish people would treat me with the same dignity they would hope to be treated with if they were in my position. Economic status makes wealthy conceited people’s morals. Wealthy people sometimes don’t know their limits. In the novel The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle, “And then, finally, his voice came at her, probing like a knife, “Married Women” he whispered, leaning close. “You better call your husband.” This passage claims that her boss was raping America and he was forcing her to have sex with him even though she didn’t want too. In this case, because America was being raped she should have kicked him or snitch on him when everything was said and done so he makes sure to pay the price for what he was doing to America and plenty of other women. Not only is there a problem with the wealthy people in the novel but in the real world too. “Affluenza was used as a defense in a recent, highly publicized drunk driving trial in Texas, where a 16-year-old boy claimed that his family’s wealth should exempt him from responsibility for the deaths of four people. The boy got off with 10 years of probation and therapy.” This passage asserts that the boy killed four people in a drunk driving accident. He was fortunate to have lots of money so he was let go free with no jail time only 10 years of probation. In this case, because the boy killed four people I believe he should have been put away for good. To the jury and the judge that only sentenced him 10 years of probation what if in that car that he totaled your whole entire family was in there and they all passed but since