Economics and Jerry Bentley Essay

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Timeline (600 B.C.E. – 600 C.E.)

Creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems.
Question: how did the societies’ economic stand affect their expansion and creation?
600 B.C.E.: kings of Lydia standardizes coins to help with trade, which made Lydia a big trading center and when the Achaemenids defeated them and took over them, they brought the advantages of their economy with him CITATION Jer11 \l 1033 (Jerry Bentley 2011).
600 B.C.E.: trade brought and industry brought prosperity to many Vaishyas and Shudras, which made them more influential in and outside their societies CITATION Jer11 \l 1033 (Jerry Bentley 2011).
600 B.C.E.: the north- western part of India were dotted with little towns that served the needs of a productive agricultural society by producing manufactured products for local consumption and trade, which helped the economy grow CITATION Jer11 \l 1033 (Jerry Bentley 2011).
500 B.C.E.: during the middle period of Darius reign, the imperial court received almost eight hundred thousand liters of grain. This shows that agriculture was a huge part of their economics, which guaranteed a lot of food, growth, and a larger community CITATION Jer11 \l 1033 (Jerry Bentley 2011).
320 B.C.E.: Chandragupta began to overthrow Indian Dynasties to set the foundation for the Mauryan Empire. His economic standing had nothing to do with him succeeding, but the expansion of this empire depended on economic growth CITATION Jer11 \l 1033 (Jerry Bentley 2011). 260 B.C.E.: Ashoka Maurya Conquered the kingdom of Kalinga, enlarging the Mauryan Empire, and its…