Economics and Procure Prototype Components Essay

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Nightingale Project

Max Grover
April 16, 2009

This is my final report concerning the nightingale project. Through meetings and tests we have made the adjustments needed and have figured out our best possible way of going about this project.
With the original schedule we figured out that we would be well past our MedCON release date, so we had to look at alternative ways of shortening the project. We came up with several ways of to reduce by crashing, which would cost money, and reduce by using start to start lags, which uses no money. We chose the best alternative and we discovered many things.
1.) We are now able to meet the deadline. We will be done on October 13, 2009 which will give us 8 business, and 12 week days, until the MedCON Trade show, meaning we will have extra time if an activity runs to long.
2.)Are options for crashing the project are to crash Voice Recognition by 5 days at a cost of $15,000, Database by 5 days with a cost of $35,000, Document design by 5 days at a cost of
$25,000, external specifications by 6 days at a cost of $20,000, procure prototype components by five days for a cost of $30,000, and finally order stock parts by 5 days at a cost of 20,000. We chose the following.
1.) Database by 5 days with a cost of $35,000
2.) procure prototype components by 5 days for a cost of $30,000,
3.) Order stock parts by 5 days at a cost of 20,000.
This has given us a total cost of $85,000 to reduce project activities. This is $15,000 below our budget.
You may wonder why we did not use our full budget and the answer is in Table 1 –
Free Slack.

Table 1 – Free Slack

Free Slack (Days)

Voice Recognition




Document Design


External Specifications

2 (Total Slack 17)

Prototype Components


Order Stock Parts


Using Table 1 – Free Slack we are able to see the three we chose have no free slack. This means that by crashing them we are actually taking days off our total project. All three of the highlighted objects li eon the critical path. If we were to crash the…