Economics and Shames Essay

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“The Frontier” America: the land of the brave and free; known as the place where anyone can come and expect plenty of opportunities and endless possibilities The place where everyone wants more and more until the more is unattainable. In the article “the More Factor” author Laurence Shames argues that the idea of the “frontier” that Americans yearn for has created a positive impact on the American way of life. Shames suggest that the idea of the frontier has led Americans to want more and in return this belief has created a limitless mindset. Shames uses explanation off how economic booms in the 1800’s is responsible for the hope American’s gained as a way of connecting how the frontier has positively shaped the American way of life. The success in the 1800s gave Speculators hope and drive to keep striving for more. Shames state, “The booms became... the justification for the myriad gamblems and for Americans’ famous optimism. The optimism, in turn, shaped the schemes and visions that were sometimes noble, sometimes appealing, always bold” (Shames). Shames is suggesting that the result of the positive return from the investment of the towns that was created in America by the speculators in the 1800’s brought economic booms gave Americans confidence which then influenced future visions and plans. Shames uses this quote to show how the frontier gave Americans hope and confidence that America was filled with unlimited possibilities and now that same attitude has continued to the generation today causing growth and wealth. These economic booms have caused Shames to believe that this was the foundation that gave Americans the confidence to keep wanting more. Furthermore, Shames uses the connection of how Americans values shifted from more space to more money as a way of showing how the idea of the frontier has led Americans to measure wealth by money and standard of living instead of space and progress. Shames argue that the economy has become the frontier, “Economics has become the metaphor on which we pin our hopes of open space and second chances” (Shames). Instead of obtaining open space as new opportunities to strike it rich, Shames believes that our new measure of wealth and standard of living is stemmed from the economy. Today Americans have an understanding that good economic standing and productivity means more money. Shames uses this connection in order to emphasize how economics has become Americans main focus and their need for