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Learning Team Reflection

Chandra Cox, Carla Epperson, Lamiesha Spruill


Dr. William Hanson


Learning Team Reflection The process of developing our Learning Team Charter required equal participation by all team members. Throughout the process of developing the Charter, we discovered that a lot of our standards were the same, which helped to create a general consensus. The Charter allowed us to work together to form a set of rules that we were to follow in order to have team assignments that run smoothly. The most significant point in the Charter was the part about participation. Our team was lucky enough to agree that participation should be equal in proportion. We were also able to agree on timely matters regarding the individual rough draft portions as well as the completed learning team assignment that included all of the individual portions. It is also great that each team member is around the same time zone. This makes it easy to communicate and complete assignments in a timely manner. Overall, our Learning Team Charter turned out to be a successful piece of work and we feel that it is complete in setting our team standards for the remainder of the class. However, having everyone participate as agreed will be a challenge due to the fact that we all have busy lives and other things to take care of, such as families or jobs. Another possible problem area is having a good Team Leader. Having a good Team Leader can assist with organization, separating tasks, and basically have a person to management the workflow. A Team Leader can also encourage members to communicate with one another, which is a sometimes very challenging with our busy lives. The Charter provides a great deal of information in order to help us participate in equal portions, submit work that is to the best of our abilities and avoid plagiarism, as well as allow us to create a timeline of assignments and their turn-in dates. It is our belief that the Charter has allowed us to avoid conflicts throughout the course because it was a collaborative effort and agreed upon by all team members. A Charter also holds team members accountable for their portion of work. It is important in collaborating and bringing the projects together because we are not in a physical setting. The lessons learned while creating the Charter can certainly help in a business setting. Working together to create a piece of work can be directly applied to a business setting where