Economy: Finance and Projection Group Exercise Essay

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Business Plan and Financial Modeling Technique
Course Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Objectives & Expectation Collection
1.2 Presentation by participants on MF operation in their organization
1.3 Overview of business planning framework

Chapter 2 Situation Analysis

2.1 Institutional Analysis
2.1.1 Vision Building of MFIs – Existing Vision and Mission- Presentation by Participants
2.1.2 Conceptual clarity on Vision and Mission of MFIs
2.1.3 Group work : Finalization of Vision and Mission
2.1.4 Review of Goals and Objectives of MFIs- Presentation by participants
2.1.5 Tools of Goal and Objectives Setting
2.1.6 Group work: Finalization of Goals and Objectives- Presentation by participants

2.1.7 Internal factors Analysis Internal Assessment Techniques (Strengths and Weakness) Group works: Strengths and Weakness
Products and Services
Board and Management Issues
Human Resource Management
Financing and Financial Management
2.2 External Factors Analysis
2.3 External Factors Assessment Techniques ( Opportunities and Threats) Group works: Opportunity and Threats
Regulatory factors
Microfinance as an industrial factors

2.4 Market and Clients Analysis
2.4.1 Market and Client Analysis Techniques
2.4.2 Group works: Market and Clients
Client behaviors

Chapter 3: Strategic Planning

3.1 Conceptual framework of strategy formulation
3.2 Products and Services: Objectives and Activities by Products
3.2.1 Group exercise and presentation
3.3 Marketing Channels: Objectives and Activities
3.3.1 Group exercise and presentation
3.3.2 Institutional Resources and Capacity: Objectives and Activities
3.3.3 Group exercise and presentation
3.3.4 Financing and Financial Management: Objectives and Activities
3.3.5 Group exercise and presentation

Chapter 4: Operational planning and financial modeling

4.1 Defining products and services
4.1.1 Loan products: trend analysis, policy and projection