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Stanley Strayhorn had a serious dilemma. As the general Manager of Eastern International Food Service Corp, otherwise known as “E.I.”, any company issue directly reflects on his performance. His company’s largest employer was Ocean Point Amusement Park, where it had stands all throughout the park. Generally, the last few weeks of the summer was the peak of its sales, however, this year that wasn’t the case. This was the start of the companies decline.

The problem the company experienced was that its contract was about to expire, and it appeared that Ocean Point had no intentions in renewing it. It appeared this way because lately, they began putting up their own food stands within their grounds. The employees at Eastern International were mainly comprised of students who were on summer break. Every year they would have a mixture of new employees, and returning ones from the previous summer. Returning employees meant less training time which meant increased sales, therefore, to encourage them, any student that came back to work, they would receive a higher paycheck as well. Rumors spread amongst the employees, and when they contacted management for an update, they received no response. Being that management was not responding to anyone, the employees assumed that their jobs were all on jeopardy and their performances started declining which meant that