Economy: Unemployment and Minimum Wage Essay

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The Economy
The economy is becoming even worse every day; people are concerned where the economy is going to end with all these issues that are emerging. I believe the most important issue today is economy. Three changes that should be made in order to overcome this are: raising the minimum wage, creating jobs, and supporting the small businesses.

Economy is one of the most important issues in America; therefore, a raise in the minimum wage should be made. A raise in the minimum wage will improve our ecomy and the living conditions of our families will get better. According to New York Times “there are about 4.4 million workers earning the minimum wage or less. Today, a worker laboring 40 hours a week nonstop throughout the year for the federal minimum wage could barely keep a family of two above the federal poverty line.” A robust minimum wage is a key to build a sustainable economy and to develop a great lifestyle for the poor families.

The lack of jobs is another factor that seems to be altering our economy. The creation of jobs would be a worthy change that should be done in order to reduce the average of people without a job. In a survey carried out by NBC showed that 7.9% of the total population is unemployed and this numbers are increasing each year. Creating jobs would be a good solution to control the unemployment rate, which is affecting many businesses.

Our economy relies the most on small businesses which seem to be collapsing because businessmen are running