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There are four main main components to biodiversity. The first on is Genetic diversity refers to the genetic variation that occurs among members of the same species. Two Species diversity (taxonomic diversity) refers to the variety of species or other taxonomic groups in an ecosystem. Three Ecosystem diversity refers to the variety of biological communities found on earth. With ecosystem diversity we generally consider its two levels, that is, communities and ecosystems. Four Functional diversity refers to the variety of biological processes, functions or characteristics of a particular ecosystem.

The major categories of organisms listed in the desert biodome from the food web are the hawlk, the lizard, the jackrabbit, the scorpion, the snake, the mouse, the cactus, the insects, the birds, the desert grass and the wolf.

While discussing the desert biodome, you cant help but to notice how everything seems to round it's self out. The food chain revolves it's self around the whole desert ecosystem. the plants and trees or grass are what produces the energy needed for the other living things to survive in this harsh climate.

Some main factors of the abiotic desert would be sand, water, air, temperature and sunlight. The biotic factors of the desert are scorpions, spiders, snakes, coyotes and others. These are common abiotic and biotic factors of the desert. These are essential to the desert ecosystem.

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