Essay on Ecstasy Abuse

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Ecstasy Abuse
For many years people ran to marijuana as the recreational drug, but in recent years that trend has been changing. The drug of choice for today is MDMA or ecstasy. Unlike marijuana which has long term affects, ecstasy can kill a person with one hit. It is a very dangerous drug, and it’s spreading like wildfire in the United States. Most teenagers take the drug without knowing the side effects such as depression and brain damage ( With more people trying the drug every day, it is becoming harder for law enforcement to keep up with them. There are numerous solutions that can curb the use of this drug, and other solutions that can put the drug to good use. Ecstasy first became popular in European countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands. A large portion of the ecstasy that is sold in the U.S. comes from these two countries ( Although efforts have been made to stop the flow of this drug to America, large amounts are still coming into the U.S. America would have to work together with countries such as Canada and Mexico. International control of this drug would benefit greatly, but local law enforcement could help stop this drug as well. The police can take part by educating kids about the harmful effects of ecstasy, not only marijuana and the dangers of cigarettes, and how kids can say no to drugs. These measures and others can help America curb this drug in the years to come. But preventing the use of this drug doesn’t stop at the law enforcement level, parents and kids can take part in stopping the use of this drug. According to the DARE program, the best way to keep kids from doing drugs is to monitor them ( Monitoring kids can allow parents to assure the safety of their child.. Kids play an important role in stopping the spread of ecstasy. The most common thing to for kids to do is to say “no”, but with the peer pressure of today’s society it is often too hard to say “no”. The main responsibility is with the parents teaching their kids at a young age about the dangers of drugs, but parents do not do this and kids are much more likely to try or use drugs later in life. There many solutions to stop this drug, but there are some that are not talked about very often. One of these solutions would be to put ecstasy to good use. Ecstasy is a very powerful, mind altering drug that can lead to feeling of euphoria. This drug can be legalized strictly for medical use for patients with severe diseases that cause excruciating amounts of pain. In recent years the FDA approved clinical testing of ecstasy on humans ( Treatments for post dramatic stress syndrome and others diseases proves that