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After doing the quiz it turns out according to Jones (2009) I align mainly with ‘liberalism’ values, when it comes to education orientation. However I also agreed with the ‘critical’ views on education.
I found that Apple (2005) made some interesting points about neo-liberalism. Some I agreed with while others I did not, which also explains why I have a combination of orientations to education. The main idea that struck me out of this text, was the idea of to many people training to do higher education when the jobs are not there which brings the conversation back to class, economy and even self-worth. At first I did not agree with this idea of cutting back on the aspiration of higher education professions but the more I thought about it, the more it kind of made sense. While this was based on USA it struck with me that this is the case in Australia, especially amongst some of my peers in various professions. I am a firm believer in higher education but I also understand that there is a hierarchy and that economy is a priority. Even this early on in the unit I am already starting to question some of my previous values and beliefs.
I acknowledge Hastie’s (2011) comments about his desire and opinion of the need to keep traditional literature in our schools. I, however do not agree with this though. English has always been a subject I dislike as I have always found the majority of the material boring and of a disinterest to me. This is where I agree with the ‘post-modern’ view. We need to provide opportunities to interest