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Eddy Rodriguez
Period 5

LA 11- Reflective Composition

How can a death of someone I never knew affect me so much? I still to this day won’t forget the day I saw my father, crying his eyes out, I was 8 when I came home from school and saw my father sitting on the couch crying his eyes out for his father. At the time I really didn’t know why my father was acting like this only thing I knew was that my father grew up only having 1 parent, my strong grandma. I didn’t seem to figure out how something like this could bring my dad to his knees. To begin with my father grew up with only 1 parent and 5 other children. My father had to skip his education because he had to support his family. He started working long days, just to get what money he could to try to support his mother and sisters. All he would eat would be a small piece of meat with a tortia. Yet he never complained about being hungry or sleeping on the floor. All he knew that his father had left him when he was young. He worked like this in till he was 14, once 14 he jumped the gun for an opportunity to come to America to make more money for his family. I really don’t think he ever blamed his father for leaving or anything else. He just continued his life, supporting the people he loved. Fast forward 35 years later me walking home from school and seeing him on the couch weeping his eyes out. I know understand that just because you haven’t met someone doesn’t mean you never loved them or had one shred of love towards them. I feel like my father felt more of anger towards his father at the moment instead of being sorry and regretful towards him. He felt anger because his father has made him go through what a child shouldn’t have gone through. All this pressure was put on a little boy not knowing that he was going to enter this world with such hardships. Yet he never complained about his life and what he didn’t have or what he was going through, he still stayed proud and strong. All this had significance on me because if I was put in the role that my father was put in, I probably wouldn’t last half the things he has gone through. From just the work that he still does for us, it inspires me