Essay on Edgar Allan Poe and Dank Underground Tomb

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Part one

In general Setting is use as mere location of events where writer emphasize character, plot and action. In this story the setting becomes very significant and actively involves in the action of the story. In the story we don’t know the time and place that the story have taken place but the mood and atmosphere in the setting plays a very important role than the time and place where the story have taken place. I felt the out side of the mansion is the first of the many sinister setting that the author has put in the tale. Then we have glowing cloud and dark and scary lake plus the ominous fissure running down to the mansion. The he also have created another but different scary setting inside the mansion where the corridors are thoroughly filled with ordinary objects that fells like scream OMG I am in horror story. He also has crafted another mysterious setting with the dank underground tomb. The fact the Usher has not left the house in many years makes the story and adds to the setting another horrifying factor. The story tells narrates in way the clinches you right in the center of the drama that seems horrifying enough and have never left until the end of story, which makes the reader, trapped in the story.

Part Two

The idea that "The Fall of the House of Usher" is in part an investigation into sexual motivation and sexual complexes has often been hinted at but never critically pursued as the dominant theme in the tale. But such a reading is at least