Essay on Edgar Allan Poe and Detective Character Dupin

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This novel is a fantastic compilation of Poe's short stories. The chapters are usually end in a sad ending or happy, but mostly sad. My favourite chapters were ones that called THE Red Death and The Pit and the Pendulum. The stories are interesting, creative, well written and not too hard for our level. There are ten short stories in this book. 1. William Wilson
It’s a story about a man who introduced himself as William Wilson in the story. He meets another boy who had the same name, who had almost same appearance, who shared a similar interest and who was even born on exactly the same day. William gets bothered by him day after day and decided to run away from him. However it wasn’t easy for him. At the end of his unsuccessful attempt of getting away from his twin, he stabs him to death. 2. The Gold Bug
It’s a story about William Legrand, his servant Jupiter and his friend (narrator) solving a mystery of hidden treasure. After finding a unusual golden bug from the forest William Legrand become obsessed with an idea of finding a hidden treasure. Story continues when his friend and servant unwillingly decided to help him. But he wasn’t crazy at all, at the end they found the treasure. 3. The Fall of the House of Usher

4. The Red Death
The short story about the prince who tried to avoid the disease called The Red Death. Despite his careful planning, he got killed by mysterious figure that looked like death. Sad ending 5. The Barrel of Amontillado