Essay about Edgar Allan Poe and Eng 4 C Elearning Exam

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ENG4C eLearning Exam
I trust that you will be honest throughout this exam as it is online and not being monitored in person.
Please do not use outside sources for this exam such as the internet or other people. Answer all questions without looking back at the course.
The exam should not take longer than an hour and a half. Please submit the exam in the dropbox for exams when you have completed it.

Part A: Matching (7 marks)
Match each term with its description/definition
____4___ Shirley Jackson
____6__ Edgar Allen Poe
____7___ MLA formatting
___2____ Montresor
___1____ Tessie Hutchinson
___3____ I Too
____5___ Vigilantism

1. said “It isn’t fair”
2. buried Fortunato
3. poem we compared to a speech
4. wrote “The Lottery”
5. taking the law into your own hands
6. author of “The Cask of Amontillado”
7. citing your sources properly

Part B: Short Answer (13 marks)
Answer the following questions in paragraph format.
1. Please discuss, in detail, two assignments that you completed in this course that showcase communications skills you can use in life after school. (4 marks)

2. Imagine you work in advertisement design and marketing. Discuss three things you think are the most important to consider when creating media products. (6 marks)

3. Out of all the characters from this course (in short stories and novels), who do you think is the most intriguing and why? (3 marks)
Mr. Owen.