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Edgar Allen Poe
Edgar Allen Poe is one of the weirdest and most insane writers. He was known for stories such as “Cask of Amontillado,” “The Black Cat,” and “Pit of the Pendulum”. Edgar Allen Poe’s point of view on his stories revealed his life and his bad past when he was a small kid growing up to when he became a young man. Some authors and movie makers have been known to get story ideas from reading poems and books written by Mr. Poe. He captures the reader’s attention by having them take an inside look into the story by giving them a preview of how he killed a person or how he hidden or decapitated a body. Is Edgar Allen Poe a normal man that loved to write scary and insane stories or was he a crazy psychopath expressing his inner feelings and thoughts through his writing?
The story “The Black Cat” was about a man that murdered his wife and entombed her body into the cellar walls while accidentally enclosing their black cat in with her. The cat’s eyes in the story were a reflection of the guilt and greed of the murderer’s personality. In the story Edger Allen Poe was using his feeling of anger from his past to write this story. For example, when the murderer killed his wife Edgar was thinking about his foster dad and became angry while writing. Edgar Allen Poe really brought out his feelings and his deranged devilish mind in writing this story. In the story “The Black Cat” the police officer came over because the neighbors called the cops. The reason the murderer got caught was because the cat that he entombed in the cellar wall started to make a noise and the policeman finds this dead emo body looking person staring at him smelling of death. When the murderer realizes that he made a bad mistake by killing his wife he arrested.
The story “The Cask of Amontillado” starts off with Edgar Allen Poe at a wine tasting contest where Edgar Allen Poe looses to his enemy Fortunato and traps him in his cellar wall brick by brick. In this story Edgar Allen Poe was planning to kill Fortunato by sinking bricks and tools under previous bodies that Edgar Allen Poe had killed in the past. In this story Edgar Allen Poe was leading the reader into a biopsy of events in a way that the reader could understand how he killed Fortunato. He wanted the reader to think in the same