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Dakota Jo Duke
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The Raven, a poem by Edgar Allen Poe is twisting and suspenseful in a manner that keeps you indulged in the story the entire time. The tricks Edgar has masters show throughout his tales keep you wondering and guessing until the very end, that's why his stories are so effective in creating a sense of horror. His words are creative and witty and his sentence fluency is superb. His stories will indulge you in the darkness known as horror.
Edgar Allen Poe has mastered the skill of mystery, as well causing you to be one edge and in the state of wonder. He gives subtle hints of the ending, while you try to understand him. You never know what is going to happen next, and that forces your mind to wander further down the path of suspense and horror. Poe also uses first person point of view to create suspense and tension, along with elements of design such as tone and imagery to develop suspense as the reader reads the poem. Most of his stories include disorienting characters and sinister plots letting the reader use imagination to lead there wonders to end.
In the poem he thinks the raven can put him an ease with his lost love Lenore, and that makes you wonder if the Raven can. Really though the Raven can’t talk and he is just mad but it still causes your minds wheels to turn and your brains desire to yearn. Edgar is the master of horror and The Raven along with all of his other tales prove it.
His poems and stories spell out twists and