Edgar Allen Poe Theme Essay examples

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Micheal Randolph
February 21, 2012
Edgar Allen Poe Theme
1st hour English Washington Park High School is said to be one of the most wonderful schools in the state of Wisconsin. Most of the students that attend Park are respectful, intelligent, and they get good grades. The school itself is great, too. It is very large, containing almost 2,000 students. The school is geared towards college preparation. So its graduates do well in college. The students from other schools do not do as well in college, as do the students from Park. However, no school is perfect. Park looks like a Dungeon. Most of the windows do not open. There is a possibility that you will get shot or stabbed for no reason at all. If you say the wrong thing you could get “jumped” or beat up. If you are at the wrong place at the wrong time you could get canned. You cannot go anywhere in the school without someone “ripping” or talking about you. More than half the kids have done drugs. Even more students have gotten drunk. The sad thing is, a lot of people do drugs and stuff right in the parking lot. Some students sell drugs in school. This is why the administrators authorize a lock–down and let police k-9s to come in and sniff of marijuana. By the end of the school year there will have been more suspensions than any other school in Racine County. Most of the suspensions will come from fights and drug abusers. A lot of students do not graduate from high school. Some of them just do