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Realism, Impressionism, Post Impressionism, and Edgar Degas
Olga Stephanie Hunn
American InterContinental University

Edgar Degas and Three Styles of Art

Edgar Degas was a painter in the 19th century who practiced impressionist art. His impressionist work molded the future of art. Being an avant-garde artist he would meet with other artist of his time and see what they could do to contribute to modern art. This particular painting called Artist in her Dressing Room was painted by Degas in 1879 was painted with neutral colors and light brushstrokes. The subject matter of this painting is the artist looking at herself in the mirror. You can see the light brushstrokes I'm her reflection and in the flow of her dress. Even though there's consistency of light brushstrokes, it is most obvious in the dress and in her reflection. Impressionism differs from Realism because of the manner Impressionism art is painting. Where realism provides a very real and accurate portrayal of landscapes and people, there is no blur created by thin brushstrokes like in impressionism art. Impressionism style differs from Post Impressionism because of the geometric shapes and creative depictions of every day life. Take Van Gogh’s A Starry Night, his depiction of a regular night is of swirls, and in the sky and geometrically creative shaped mountains. Van Gogh’s image is the definition of post Impressionism art.
1. Realism This picture demonstrates realism. Nothing has been blurred there is a landscape and a person that can clearly be depicted in the photograph. The shades of color are real and depict the color that the trees and the sun would be if you were to be physically in that location.

2. Impressionism
This picture would demonstrate Impressionism because it is blurred out but the geometrical aspect of the building and surroundings are still very accurate. The way the buildings blur out and make the landscape look to the way the photographer and editor meant to have portrayed. Impressionism art is meant to be seen as if someone simply glanced at its way quickly. Creating a blurred vision and even though I'm this photograph it is dark, vibrant colors can be seen in the buildings and lights

3. Post Impressionism
This picture resembles post Impressionism because of the oddly geometric shapes and
Variations of physical aspects included in the picture. The picture is of an ordinary landscape with ordinary people, but because the shapes and sizes of the picture have been distorted, it creates a Post Impressionism style for the picture. The style that would communicate directly to the viewer would be realism because it is