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Edgar Elizondo
Professor James Lopez
English 1A December 10, 2014
Just imagine if the term of monsters wasn’t ever made. Monster is a very big word that goes into a lot of things. A monster doesn’t necessary have to be something that is fictional a monster can also be human, an animal, complete fictional character or even such thing as a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami that could kill several people or even leave them homeless with nothing. Without monsters there would be probably thousands of movies and novels that would have never been made. Most people don’t like horror themed stories or movies because they say that they don’t like to be scared. But in reality most people watch those type of movies or read these novels because they want to suspense that will keep them at the edge of their chair and wanting to know what will happen next. And even though you know that you will certainly get scared people still have the tendency to like that and that’s why they watch them they want be in suspense. For example, people usually hear the word monster and they usually assume a big scary thing. But also most of the things that we call monsters aren’t monsters because they are big. Neither or ugly or anything of that source. They are called monsters just by the horrible and bad actions that they decide to do. But no matter what kind of monster they are they have a purpose in any story or movie in which they are in. They may ones who set the tone for the whole story or they set the plot of it all. In the short story by Ambrose Bierce called; An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge there is per say no monster in the way they were big and ugly. By common sense most people would assume that the real monster in this short story is captain who is going to order the execution of the soldiers. Because realistically the captain is the only person there who can help keep the soldiers alive. What kind of person will order the murder of the of some innocent people. The soldiers who were doing the execution are also monsters in the sense that they were the ones actually doing the killing. But they didn’t have an option on if they wanted to do it or not they just followed orders. And also the captain is a monster because he is involved in the murder of them because he is telling the soldiers to what they have to do. But he is just a puppet controlled and getting orders from someone higher then him. But they are all monsters just some more than others.
Also in the story written by Edgar Allan Poe; “Murders of the Rue Morgue.” People made the first common sense assumption that when there were two horrible and brutal murders that happen that thing who did that was a person. And as always they assumed it was that certain person who did for the most common reasons. They were the ones who saw the victim’s last t and also because there was money involved in the situation. And in