Editor Letter About Abortion

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Dear Editor:

How would you live your life without all your precious loved ones around you? Imagine life without your brother, sister, friend, or spouse. How different would your life be if even one of them wasn’t a part of your life? That’s what it would be like if one of their parents had aborted them. Abortion is the wrongful termination of a pregnancy and it takes too many innocent lives away from this world before they even get the chance to see it. Abortion is very preventable and many families would gladly accept this “unwanted” infant and raise it as their own.

How one could even consider aborting a baby is unknown to me. It is without a doubt murder, plain and simple. Scientists and pro-choice activists claim that the baby isn’t technically alive during the first few weeks after conception. Why, then, is killing a pregnant woman considered a double homicide? Why is the unborn child considered alive and significant in one scenario and an unimportant cluster of cells in another?

Abortion is a very preventable situation. Rape being the exception, the woman made the conscious decision to have sex thus risking pregnancy. If you’re not old enough or mature enough to have a child then you’re not old enough or mature enough to have sex. If you choose to take the risk and have sex anyway you could at least invest in some contraceptives and lessen the likelihood of pregnancy.

If the female gets pregnant and doesn’t want to keep the baby she could always give the