Editorial: Industrial Revolution and Corporate Big Wigs Essay

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The United States is suffering. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer as you all can probably tell. Political machines are run by big bosses that are abusing their economic freedoms to take advantage of the weak who slave endless hours in the hot, unsafe factories. The social class system of our country is far beyond corrupt, and we are not taking enough care of our factory workers. We continue to slowly deteriorate our once amazing, and beautiful country with toxins and trash. We are in need of a change, a very fast change. Groups who oppose an economic change include: large businesses/corporations, our capitalist government, and republicans. The corporations and businesses do not want to change the way things are because it would take away a majority of their economic freedom and power. The United States is currently a capitalist country that believes in little governmental involvement in the economy, which is wrong. Republicans support capitalist ideals so they would also oppose the changes. I don’t agree with the views of corporate big wigs or republicans because they believe in little government involvement which in my opinion will lead to mass chaos. Little government involvement would lead to a lack of welfare which would endanger millions of families. It would also lead to a few powerful companies that will growing until they control the economy. I think that the best way to fix