Editorial: Salvation Army Essay

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The other day I bought a Ralph Lauren winter jacket and 2 polos for my boyfriend, one being a Ralph Lauren Polo brand and the other Lacoste. As I was walking to the cash register to pay, I noticed a cute leather backpack. As I inspected the bag, I noticed a Coach tag attached to one of the straps. I believed it was a knock- off bag, but decided to get it anyways.
As the cashier was ringing up my purchase, I became more nervous to hear my total bill with all my designer items. The cashier said with a smile “your total will be $13.71.” I laughed and handed her my debit card proudly.
Walking out of Salvation Army, a thrift store, I began thinking of how much these items would have been if I bought them from a department store. Thanks to Salivation Army I am able to buy clothes, bags, shoes, furniture and other house hold items for a fraction of a cost.
The Salvation Army is not just a store. It also is an organization that is Christian denomintaion and international movement known for its charity shops and other charity work. The store is based on donations that are then sold. The majority of the profit is put back into the community whether it’s to charities, local families or disaster relief funds. It’s so simple to help others and we often forget about the less fortunate.
One thing you could do to help others is to shop at the Salvation Army or simply contribute money to the organization. Another way to help is to donate. The Salvation Army will take virtually…