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Question 1 Learner motivation_______________________________________3 Communication__________________________________________4 Interpersonal relations between learners and the educator_________5 The maintenance of discipline______________________________6 My classroom discipline policy_____________________________7

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My main focus will be on the elements that contribute to effective classroom management and include learner
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The first step is to engage learners in the activities by peaking their interests. Use sources that are relevant and relatable for leaners. Mae sure that all learners are included by meeting the learning style needs of learners as much as possible. Use varied texts and sources (written, verbal, visual etc.). Use alternative methods where possible, for example: When teaching maths the learning source does not have to be limited to abstract numbers. Number problems can be turned into stories to help make an activity more relatable. Motivation of all kinds is an ongoing process. It is important to recognise progress by praising learners when goals are achieved and refocusing them on their goals and strategies when they are not.

2. Communication The biggest communication problem that any person can face is believing that communication is taking place when it’s not. Therefor it is very important that you as educator know when your leaners are understanding the message you are giving them and when they are not. When effective communication is taking place it can serve many purposes.

It conveys information, ideas and values

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It can teach someone something new and inspire them to reflect or even act It can help build or strengthen a bond or relationship

Effective communication consists of various parts. Communications starts with the message. Make sure your