Edm Subculture

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EDM? Parties? Loud music? People going wild? Oh how wonderful how society has normalized the idea of music without context or lyrics! Although edm (electronic dance music) is highly played in these places, there's more towards electronic dance music it isn’t just simply nightclubs, raves, or dance festivals. This picture is iconic because it shows unity, it is a culture around people, and it shows the origins of edm music. We first need to understand where electronic dance music derives from, how it get its name, and what has its music evolved to. What we can learn from this type of music.The complex heritage of edm begins around a record store clerk who looks for electronic music. He refers its music as "hardcore house” …show more content…
Just because some individuals use them, it doesn’t reflect on the subculture community of edm as a whole. Even though it is perceived like this, there is sentiment flowing towards it by giving the individual a true sense of family. In the same subculture it could be blinded by being clueless and not experience the festival for what it is, the goal is to diminish the power of community with reality of drug use. If trying to capture and accomplish the sensation of belonging in the culture, it would be better if they enjoyed the performance by not being intoxicated to get the full experience. "The Sense of community draws people." We are a social beings who always seek a places to fit in, this is why being active towards the electronic music should be vital because it gives conformity, pleasure, and acceptance towards these communities. This makes more people attracted to the idea of attending these places by giving them hope towards finding a second family. People have risen up from the electronic dance community such as Avicii, Calvin Harris, Eric Prydz, and deadmau5 all regular people who started getting involved with the community. The reality is that there is fatal elements that’s make this culture unique towards non-electric sky music. The difference would be it’s easier to recognize that the culture does have issues, but the only way we can change it is if we recognize those issues and address them. This why this picture is iconic because it shows a different reality that made people seem to not comprehend. There’s an overwhelming bond of community which brings people together every year, yet we don’t do anything to solve edm culture