Edmond Dantès and Dantes Essay

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Metamorphosis Throughout the novel “The Counte of Monte Cristo,” the main character Edmond Dantes undergoes various metamorphoses. In the beginning, he is a naive and charming young man. After he is sent to prison, he turns into a dark and revengeful man who later escapes seeking bloodshed. Towards the end of the book, he eventually turns into a knowledgeable and noble man. In the beginning of the novel, Edmond Dantes was unstoppable. He had all the glory and everyone loved him. He was even in line to marry to marry a beautiful girl named Mercedes (Dumas 3). Because of all this, he was very naive to everything up until the law busted into his betrothal ceremony (Dumas 21).
Up until Edmond’s betrothal, he was on top of the world. That all changed when he got locked up in prison. The transformation started on the very first week. Dantes began to lose hope when no-one came to release him from his cell (Dumas 47). After that, he immediately took a plunge to the dark side and began to have suicidal thoughts (Dumas 66). Right before he completely lost his marbles, he met a man named Abbe Faria (Dumas 72). Faria saved Dantes from himself and set him on a correct path to success. He educated Dantes and also told where there was a giant pile of treasure. Later on, Faria’s death actually provided Dantes with a means of escape (Dumas 108). After he escapes, he is saved by a group of smugglers who eventually lead him to the island of the Monte Cristo (Dumas 116-127). After he finds all the treasure, Dantes started living a completely different lifestyle. After getting all the treasure, Dantes goes on to do many great things…