Edmond Rostand's Cyrano De Bergerac

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Why do people sacrifice their happiness for others to be happy? In the play “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Edmond Rostand, the main character Cyrano sacrifices his happiness to keep a friend, Christian happy because he think he is not good enough for Roxane. In this play Cyrano and Christian both share the same soul mate, which is Roxane. Cyrano and Roxane function as a mirror for us to understand human nature because they show that you can love someone for who they are not just their appearance. The lessons learned from this play is that it is better to see the person you love happier than yourself. For instance, as seen in act two, “Christian: (Despairingly) ‘I need eloquence, and I have none!’ Cyrano: (Abruptly) ‘I’ll lend you mine! Lend me your conquering physical charm, and together we’ll form a romantic hero!’” (101). This shows that Cyrano is using Christian for his looks to show his love for Roxane without both Roxane and Christian knowing. Cyrano is offering to write letters for Christian to give to Roxane because he thinks he is not good looking enough for her love. This example shows one way that Cyrano is …show more content…
In this act Roxane asks for Christian to send her letters every day. Since Cyrano is Christian's “soul”, he went ahead and wrote Roxane letters without Christian knowing. One quote from the play, “Christian: ‘I wish I could at least pour my heart to her (Roxane) in one last letter’. Cyrano: ‘I thought something might happen today, so… (takes a letter from his doublet.)... I wrote your farewell’”. In this quote, Christian is telling Cyrano, he wishes he wrote Roxane a letter before his death, but Cyrano already has one written, then confesses that he has written her two letters each day. Cyrano is showing his love for Roxane through these letters, but is sending them through Christian's name. This also shows how Cyrano is sacrificing his happiness for Christian to be happy with