EDU 234 Family Interviws Essay

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I really enjoyed interviewing these two families. The first one I interview was a single mother who has three kids. Some of the fears and the struggles that concern her as a single parent was do she give them enough support and encouragement. Is she bringing them in a society that will place judgment upon them not having a full time father around. Even though she is a full time mother, She is already picking up their fathers lack of responsibilities. She do provide the necessities they need for a suitable lifestyle.
The joy that comes with being a single parent is knowing that I will always be there for them regardless of what adversity and obstacles that may be thrown in their way. Another one was to always put God first in all that they do in life and everything else will fall directly in place.
Their hobbies include playing monopoly, roasting marshmallows, cuddling on the couch for a movie night of course the children will choose the movie. Also, we always eat dinner around the table instead of the living room. Primarily to engage in conversation, but as a concerned mother. She would ask her kids how was their day at school and if they had any problems. They always pray together before they lay their head down to sleep and always remind each other the importance of family! Regardless, of the struggles we may have endured that day, we are always reminded that family sticks together. The next family is a married couple that has two kids. Their needs with two