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Lesson Plan
Eva Faulkner
Instructor Torrence Temple
September 2, 2013
Along with the following lesson plan, I plan to use iPads in the classroom. The iPad allows for students to use interactive software to help them along their journey in learning about early American civilizations. A couple of the apps that I would use are as followed:
Manual for the United States of America: This app will allow the students to take a closer look at the documents that helps form the United States. IT takes a close look into the Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, Federalist papers and much more.
We can also use the app called On This Day. is app will allow students to see the importance of history and how back then things happened daily. No matter how minute or large the event was, it will show children how history plays an important part of our everyday lives. Also it might get a child excited if something significant happened on their birthday or a particular day of importance to them.
Middle School (6th to 8th) grade American History up until 1865
The class will begin in the late 1700’s on what first prompted the early settlers to explore the new world. Read through their school text on what was going on in Europe, Great Britain and Spain to allow exploration to start, continue and end with the colonization of the United States
Content Objectives:
Students will explore the who, what, where from and why people immigrated to the United States. They can compare and contrast the reasons why of today and back then.
Students can then use the geographical maps of Europe, Great Britain and Spain and plot out where most of the settlers ventured to. For instance, a lot of Spanish went towards Florida, French around Louisiana and The Great Britain’s formed in the original 13 colonies.
Students can break up into small groups and roll play the as the earlier settlers and some can roll play as the Native Americans.
During roll play the can cook and sew things from the early civilation and re-enact the way it may have been.
They can use their school history books, internet searches, old new papers, old family archives, maps of the early settlers and maps from the European countries
Building Background
The students can look into their own cultural history and find why and when their own families may have migrated to the United States. For example a lot of families in Mexico, New Mexico and Texas areas maybe decedents from the Spanish explorations during that time.
Have a culture day where each student can dress, bring in an ethnic dish and speak in front of the class and share their family’s story.
This is where a student’s knowledge of the vocabulary will be important. The must learn to spell correctly and use the right terms in the right context.
This is where it is very important that