EDUC 3313 Competency 12 Essay

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Pre-Internship I Reflection:
Pre I Experience
Trey Lee

Northeastern State University
Fall 2014Artifact Cover Sheet

Competency 12 [InTasc std. 12] - The teacher understands the process of continuous lifelong learning, the concept of making learning enjoyable, and the need for a willingness to change when the change leads to greater student learning and development. (Teaching Scholar, Educational Leader)

Candidate: Trey Lee

Name of Artifact: Pre-Internship I Reflection: Pre I Experience

Date: Fall 2014

Course: EDUC 3313: Clinical Teaching


What is your artifact?
My artifact explains the process of continuous lifelong learning, the concept of making learning enjoyable, and the need for a willingness to change when the change leads to greater student learning and development.

How does this artifact demonstrate you understand the competency?

This artifact helped me understand more of the diversity of schools. It made me look back on what I’ve learned so far from the internship. The artifact had some interesting points that were also from my book. I looked more into the content subject areas, the learning environment and the classroom instructional styles.

How will your understanding of this competency impact your future students’ learning?
For my future students, I’ve learned more on directed instructions. This competency has helped me understand more of the students’ point of view and what to know about the learning environment. I’ve also learning more of the students’ characteristics and the classroom environments. I’ve taken all this into account and know that I must stay positive and be very supportive of my students.
Pre-Internship I Reflection

Contextual Factors

Community, District and School Factors My major is Health and Physical Education and I am observing at Greenwood Elementary School in Tahlequah, OK. The grade level there is from K-5th grade and I am observing the physical education program of all grades, so yes it is a handful sometimes. The location of the school I am at is in the middle part of the city of Tahlequah around a very nice community with beautiful houses. The diversity of Greenwood has very many diversity classifications. On the Whites/Caucasian or other there were 25% which I thought to myself was kind of low. The Black/African American population was 2% and just the same for the Asian category. The highest percentage of population was Native Americans which came to be 47% of them. Hispanics made up 24% just behind Whites/Caucasian category. When came to Mobility, Special Ed, and LEP they were lower on average than other schools when I looked on the whole sheet of demographics. Mobility they had 6.2%, Special ED was 9.6%, and LEP there were 4.0% of them. The other thing I looked up and noticed something I wouldn’t have thought I would have seen was that their school report card was just around average. It came into be a C on the scale which from what I seen from observing and going through their school I wouldn’t have thought it would have been that low but more above average. (Public School Diversity Demographic Data, 2014) (School Report Card, 2014). Overall I believe from what I have read and seen from the different resources I looked over, that the majority of what I thought about the school is correct compared to what I read over. Other than their report card I could see all the different school diversity classifications. So I was happy that everything sort of was the same from what I have looked over and read about them and I am very satisfied with their school system.
Classroom Factors In the gym I have noticed it is a full sized one with many different equipment features around the outer edge of the walls for different activities. There also is a projector for the students when he shows them different slideshows of the activity they will do that day. There are certain rules they go…