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Stacey Lauterbach

Liberty University Online

Virtual Field Trip Project
I. Grade Level: 5th Grade

II. Topic: The White House and Its Importance to U.S. Government

III. Standards: Foundations of Government, Law and the American Political System for Florida Department of Education Teaching Standards for 5th Grade Social Studies: Accessible at Students will be able to learn historical significance of a national symbol.
Students will acquire skills navigating various areas of historical building.
Students will be able to learn the purpose and need for government.
Students will be able to explain political issues dealt with at the highest level of government.
IV. Objectives:
To learn about the history of the White House and its importance to U.S. Government
To discover the main areas of the white house and their functions
To identify different legislations affecting the citizens of the U.S.
To explore political issues facing the U.S. Government

V. Materials:
Computers with internet access
Notebook and pencil
Lesson instructions VI. Procedures: The instructional methods and elements:
1. Technology Use: Students will utilize the computers in the computer lab; pairing 2 students per computer to access

2. Instructional Set: This 5th grade Social Studies lesson will be in the form of a virtual field trip for a 60-minute period.
1. Introduction: The lesson will begin with the teacher asking the class various questions. Students will then be instructed to go to the homepage of the website and click on the interactive tour.
2. The guided lesson will begin with the introduction, followed by the teacher guided reading the history of the white house, highlighting main points from the trivia. The teacher will guide the students through the tour. This will be followed by interacting with elements of the virtual tour exploring the different rooms of the white house and viewing the west wing tour.
3. The independent practice will consist of students working in pairs to explore more areas of the site, paying particular attention to pending, signed and vetoed legislations found under the briefing room menu; as well as the different issues menu. Each pair will be given an issue to research, to be briefed to the class at the end of the period. Also, students will formulate one law that can be presented as their own.
4. Pairs of students will prepare a summary of the issue they were assigned to research (taxes, immigration, education and so on) and the law that they created.
5. The lesson will end with each pair of students briefing the class on the issue they researcher and the law they formulated.

3. QAIT Model
A. Quality – Students will be interested in having their opinions heard about what they think about the government and laws. They will be enthused by the ability to tour the white house from the comfort of their computer lab instead of visiting Washington D.C.
B. Appropriateness – This virtual tour is both visually appealing and appeals to this age group. This tour allows these students to not only view photos and videos but to learn the basics of the government, its purpose, importance and its functions in a fun learning environment, which are state outlined standards.
C. Incentive – The interactive tour and short informative videos will allow students to visualize what it is like being a member of the government, even President. Being able to use the computers is also intriguing and being able to make their own laws is appealing.
D. Time – The introduction and instructions will take 10 minutes. Students will then be allowed 30 minutes to explore the page, research an issue and formulate a law. The final 20 minutes will be used for pairs to present their issue and law to the class.

4. Developmental Activities:
1. Instruction: Research an issue of…