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Briefing Paper

To: The Regional Officer Department of Education and Vocational Study

From: Manpreet Kaur Rural Educator, North India.

Subject: Women’s Education, Vocational education and training in schools.


The purpose of this briefing paper is to inform the Regional Officer about two demanding aspects of being a leader in rural schools of North India and to recommend that the authorities should take some steps to address the situation.


With India’s independence in 1947, the Department of education is trying for community, Women and Child development. Even after the implementation of National schemes and policies for rural development, women and youth in rural areas have not been able to reap the profit of these policies.

Rural areas in North India witnessed many problems which were directly related to the low literacy rate of women and unemployment.


From past few decades, there are some key issues in rural areas of North India like the abortion of female foetuses, infant mortality, unemployment and young farmer suicide cases. More or less these problems can be addressed by taking some proactive steps in concern to women’s education and vocational education and training.

Some private institutes in cities falsely promise guaranteed placements to rural students after the completion of their course. There is lack of proper guidance and awareness about courses provided by government in remote areas.

Literacy rate of women education have been increased but still the education system has proved unproductive to make women independent in terms of financial and social aspects.


The education perception of students and parents is now changed. They are now aware about the importance of women and vocational education. Youth in rural areas are now trying hard to improve the quality of their life.

Vocational courses can boost the natural ability and intellectual brilliance of students in rural areas. They can come up as strong competitors to urban students if they will get opportunity to learn new skills as well as to polish the inherited skills from their forefathers. For instance, a young farmer in a rural area invented a motorcycle-driven ploughing machine for his fields in a