Educating Rita and the Devil Wears Prada Speech Into the World Essay

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The society we live in distorts our own unique desires and goals. When in a workplace or community it puts more pressure and expectation on individuals’ goals, warping them until a point where one identifies what they truly want and breaks the mould and expectations of society to do this. Examining texts such as ‘Educating Rita’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ in addition to my own personal experience will bring forth an understanding of how society affects growing up and transition into new phases of life into a larger world. The text ‘Educating Rita’ is set Britain in the 1970’s, where a woman’s role was to have a family and look after it by staying at home and in the kitchen. The feminist movement started to occur along with the …show more content…
The close shot highlights the facial expression of deep thought and encourages the viewers to reflect on Andrea’s thoughts and her throwing her phone away The phone is a symbol of Miranda’s power over Andrea but when she throws it into the fountain it emphasis Miranda’s loss of control. This is comparable to Rita’s emerging want for an education and to fit in with her educated peer at an attempt to have a better life.

She begins at ‘Runway’ fashion magazine with humorous fashion when a colleague makes a rhetorical joke asking if she has to go to ‘some hideous skirt convention’. Here she begins her occupation as a joke echoed in her routine and representing the starting point of her physical transformation. Her new transformation is noticeable through changes in costume. She goes from wearing jeans and a plain top to wearing Gucci and Prada! This visually emphasises her rapid change into the fashion industry. This is much alike Rita purchases new clothes to fulfil her unhappiness and problems. Andrea uses clothes as he fulfilment when her relationship start to crumble and becomes manipulated into conform to her context of the fashion industry.

My own experience was being caught doing graffiti. I was young teenager in year 7 associating with year 8’s. I was seeking social acceptance in my new school and by engaging in graffiti writing I was able to gain appreciation. After doing it for the first time and being caught by a teacher I could