Educating Students In A Safe Environment

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LaTaneil Farley
February 2, 2014
Bryce Budoff

Rationale: My statement is about educating students in a safe environment which is very important part of education because if a child does not feel safe then there mind will not be on learning, it will be on whatever their issues is they are dealing with. “The wide-spread information and communication technologies create conditions for applying of new methods and forms of consulting, diagnostics and education in the field of treatment of communicative disorders” (Sivakova, 2013). Technology is universal; no matter if a child has a disability or they do not speak English technology can be that bridge between the two. There are so many programs to help students to succeed in education. “The main purpose of LOGOPED 3.0 is automation of evaluating technology of speech for electronic therapy of people with communicative disorders” (Sivakova, 2013). This program can truly help children who have trouble socially. “Novel advances in human-computer interaction mechanisms let young children engage in digital creation, including by programming child-friendly robots to carry out sequences of behaviors and interactions (Bers & Horn, 2010).” Technology is a very important aspect of education and it can also help with the way a student learns cognitively. According to National Association for the Education of Young Children [NAEYC] young children should not have too much usage with technology (Bers & Horn, 2010). Look at these amazing programs that are created to help children cognitively, socially, physically.

Mission & Vision Statement
Mission Statement:
I believe the idea that all students can learn. I am dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment, which encourages every student to develop to their fullest potential; emotional, social, physical, and gaining a better understanding of technology. Thus they will be prepared for higher education.
Vision Statement:
I believe that education starts at home, so as a teacher I need to have a good parent teacher relationship. I will make the environment safe and loving for my students so that they are comfortable and ready to learn. I will also have a lot of hands on learning because interacting I believe will help the students grasp the concept faster. I will give every child with and without disabilities the opportunities to grow and develop in technology, physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. I think learning should be meaningful and be bridged from what they learned to what the student needs to know to prepare for the next grade. All children can learn but I believe it will be my job to find a way to help them understand how to learn.

Communication Plan This is a communication plan and a communication is important because it will give structure to make sure that everyone is reach and how to reach them. Having a communication plan will make things efficient and long lasting. A communication plan will make things easier because things will be well prepared so that the plan can be put into action. In the mission and vision statement it is geared towards every student learning, students being pushed to their fullest potential. The mission and vision statement says that technology will be a big part of the communication plan. Being prepared plays a huge roll in in the communication plan so that teachers spend more time teaching and less time preparing.
Technology to Enhance Communication Social media is a big thing if a student does not have a twitter, Facebook, or email account in some way they are using technology to communicate with each other. This can be used to teachers advantage, Teachers could use it to have discussions with the students, students could do group projects with each other. It could also help students who might be too shy to raise their hand in class they could use a form of technology to communicate. Classroom website: A classroom website could be a great asset