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English 102
Essay 1
Draft 1 What Am I Doing With My Life?

Throughout your entire live you have been told that if you want to be successful you need to have a good and profitable job. In order to find a good job you need to be a professional on whatever it is that you like to do. And to become a professional you need to have an education, which you are supposed to get if you go to college.
But, why is this so important? Is it worthy to spend thousand of hundreds of dollars to go to classes that you don't want to take? Boy those books that you don't want to read? Write those papers on topics that you either don't understand or don't care about? I have got millions of questions, but I don't know if I have an answer for them. In fact I'm not even sure that there is an answer for them. I grew up in a country where going to university, being smart and well educated are key to a successful future. Let me put it like this, i'm going to call this the "Stairs of Life" where every stair symbolizes a different educational level. You start out from the bottom ( let' say the floor) and the first step is Kindergarden, you go there and learn how to read, write, make friends, communicate with people. You start understanding the world that surrounds you. The next stair would be Middle school, you learn more about life but you don't have any worries, your biggest concern is who are you going to play with in recess or who is coming over to play with you after school. But you keep growing up and then you reach the next stair that is High school. You start understanding more how life works and how situations can change, you start defining who you really are and finding yourself. When you finally graduate from high school you find that the next stair is invisible, not because you can't see it but because you don't know if you should keep going up. The decision is on you. Do you want to keep going up? Grown ups have always told you that you're supposed to keep going up, because after you reach the college stair and you graduate from it you're going to find a better job than if you have just stayed in the high school stair. So wait, if I go to college i'm going to find a good job and life is going to be perfect after that? No. If it were like that there would be more college degrees all around the world. But my point is that I genuinely believed that life was going to be as easy as that, of course I could not be more further from the truth. Since I moved to the United States one year ago and I started going to college I have gone through at least twenty anxiety and panic attacks. These have been mostly because sometimes I feel lost and I don't really know where i'm headed to. I know i'm not alone on this but, since I don't know where i'm going I can't be positive about my decisions. I don't know if i'm walking the right path. Am I going the right way? Is there any way to find out if what i'm doing today will help me tomorrow in anyway? Am I going to regret the choices I have made? Sometimes i wish there was a book with all the answers, like a guide on what to do with your life. But then I'm like no, that wouldn't be fun. It would take away the magic of waking up everyday and not knowing what the new day has in storage for you. I personally enjoy the feeling of solving a problem, getting done with errands, finishing up a paper, filling up my gas tank, meeting someone new and talking to them for hours, discovering new hobbies, getting the paper back and finding out I got an A on it, picking my brother up from school and taking him to Chuckee Cheese. This things, and a lot more are the ones that somehow keep me going, the little everyday achievements. They tell me that maybe i'm not as wrong as I think I am, and that I