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Different System of Education

Who are the hardest studying students in the world? Most people will

absolutely give the same answer that these students are chinese. In contract, Saudi

Arabian students mignt be classified as the most light-hearted students. The system

of education between Saudi Arabia and China are completely different. The school

curriculum and the class schedule and arrangements are the main differences.

First at all, the Saudi Arabia curriculum is much more extensive than in China.

In high school, unlike Chinese students who take nine subject in their frrst year,

Saudi students need to learn at least eighteen subjects. They share a few of the same

basic subjects like Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics, etc. But the greatest

Dissimilarity in courses is that Arabian students must study religion classes

throughout high school. Unfortunately, Chinese high schools do not offer any religion

classes to give students a belief system or help develop a world outlook.

In addition, the high school arrangement is another distinct feature of the

education system. This includes class schedule, homework assignments and testing.

In China, class begins at 7 a.m and ends at 10 p.m. Students attend school for more

than fifteen hours with just a short break for lunch, dinner and a nap. Each class is

about 45 minutes, except for two or three hours evening class for students to do their