Essay Education and Highest Performing Teachers

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RESOLVED (TOPIC): should teachers in the united states get paid more?
CONTENTION 1:I believe teachers should get paid more. Teachers in my opinion is one of the most important job to have in this world. How can we accomplish what we have in this world with out teachers?
“They are teachers because of their sense of mission, because of their ... or skills would be harmful, because we would lose their ability to work together ... is the key issue for those who think that performance pay is important.”
Elaboration: the fact is that no one get no where in life without being thought. That’s why we should pay teachers good enough for the job there doing.
CONNECTION 2: teachers should get paid more because they create the basic important part in people’s life. For example why would celebrity Kim Kardashian get paid millions just for looking pretty while teachers suffer and make about just enough.
“Teachers should get paid more because they create the basis of education in billions of people's life's. With pout teachers, how would we gain knowledge? I don't understand why a celebrity like Kim K gets paid millions to just look pretty but a teacher only gets paid about $35,000. It's crazy how they think celebrities benefit society more.
Elaboration: its not fair that sum celebrities like Kim Kardashian get paid millions while teachers get paid little. Teachers need more attention to what they’re doing.
CONTENTION 3: Teachers job needs to be valuable more because it requires degree to do and other jobs that needs degree gets paid more.
Because teachers tend to take several years in the classroom to get into their groove as educators, experience is one predictor of student achievement. The more experience we keep, the more quality we will have in our classrooms.
“Second, reforming our compensation structure is not only crucial to retaining teachers in general, but also to retaining our top teaching talent. TNTP estimates that over 10,000 of our highest performing teachers leave the…